FAQ – Digital Stamps

What printer do I need?

If you already have a printer, I suggest to do a test run to see if the printer and ink are compatible with the paper and color medium of your choice. If the printer doesn’t accept for instance 110lb paper, see if it will take 80lb. If you are experiencing bleeding with alcohol markers, you can try if the tips below help:

  • Leave overnight to dry
  • Heat setting the ink with a heat gun
  • Print in draft or fast mode to use less ink on the printout
  • Make sure the paper is compatible with alcohol markers

Printers recommended by crafters that have used alcohol markers with success:

  • Canon Pixma
  • HP Photosmart
  • HP Envy Photo
  • Epson Expression
  • Any laser printer

What paper do I need?

The type of paper you need, depends on your choice of coloring medium. Next to that, it depends what weight your printer accepts.

Most popular papers for alcohol markers:

How do I resize digital stamps?

On my YouTube channel I have a video tutorial explaining how to resize digital stamps and create scenes in Procreate on your iPad. Do know you can also use software on your pc such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Photoshop. Kit and Clowder made very useful instruction booklet for resizing in Microsoft Word.

Where can I buy digital stamps?

There are quite a number of companies which sell digital stamps. The list below is just a handful. If you know of a company that also sells digital stamps, that is not on the list, let me know!