Organization: Labels and Storage for Distress Oxide Ink Pads

Hi everyone! As my Distress Oxide collection is growing, I wanted to create labels for the inks to get them organized and have swatches. Plus the old way I was storing them, wasn’t really working anymore. Therefore I took some time to label everything, and find my ideal storage solution. In this blog I will share the several options I considered, and also why I made the choices I made.

Ink Pad Labels & Swatches

In the video on my YouTube channel I will share two ways to create labels for inks. I will show exactly how I create the labels with my preferred method, and also explain why. If you like watching my videos, remember to like and subscribe. This helps my channel grow, so thank you for the support!

Distress Oxide Storage

Update Feb 2022

As my Distress Oxide collection kept growing, my old ‘solution’ for storing them wasn’t really working anymore. So I had a look at different solutions available on the market, for example:

Unfortunately, not everything is available where I live, so that narrows it down. Plus I’d like to keep things stored in drawers, or at least hidden away. So for me the ideal solution were the official storage tins for Distress Oxides, which hold 15 Oxides each. In the photo below you can see a before and after of my storage. The tins fit perfectly in the deeper drawers of the IKEA Alex units. I had to get 3 tins, and now I still have some room to grow!

I hope this post was helpful! Thank you for stopping by and see you next time!

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