Balloon Ride – Rachelle Anne Miller

Hi everyone! As you may know, I really enjoy coloring and I have been practicing with creating my own backgrounds. One way for me to get better at it, is not just practice, but also learn from others by watching them color. Now I decided to take an actual course at My Creative Scoop by Mindy Baxter. The course I am taking is called All Occasions Card-Maker, and this is 1 out of 3 cards which are part of the course.

The digital stamp featured in the card is Balloon Ride. There is also a bundle available with all digital stamps Mindy uses in the 3 cards. I really enjoyed coloring the digi stamp and all the balloons in the background. It gives such happy vibes!

It is always interesting to see how people have different ways of coloring. That is why you can learn so much from each other. For me these courses do help with trying new techniques, and see what I like best, what I can make my own. For instance, in the course the way of coloring the sky is quite different from how I always do it. So it challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

Do you ever follow coloring courses? Which ones do you recommend?

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