MIssees By Karin Joan

Lovely and Sweet – Missees By Karin Joan

Hi! In this card I combined several paper elements together to create this very sweet card. The girl just makes me giggle with that expression on her face. I think she is surprised by the sizes of the sweets and cannot pick which one she wants to eat 😉

The Missees collection contains 2 paper elements blocks and I used both of them. The A5STANSBLOKKJ03 is the one with the foil, and that is the one where the Missee came from. Then from the other paper elements, A5STANSBLOKKJ04, that is where the sweets are from. That paper elements block contains slightly larger elements which are also perfect to use for scrapbooking.

For the background, I placed a vellum pattern paper on top of a gradient pattern paper to mute it down and create more interest. Then at the bottom of the card, I placed the pink pattern paper strip and sort of framed it by using washi tape, WASHIKJ03, at the top of it.

I hope you like this card and it gave you some inspiration. Thank you for stopping by and see you next time!

Supplies Used

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